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There are four categories of long distance routes.

"Get your motor running" category is a selection of warm up routes adding up to about 250 miles (400 kms) and are designed to give you a good day of driving. You'll have 6.5 hours to complete your route. Remember to record your route and save it to register your mileage and collect 250 points for each challenge completed. Wear your gear and ride safe.

"Live to ride" genre of motorcycle routes are all around 500 miles (800 kms) and are a very good day's ride. They must be completed in 12 hours. Remember to record your ride to register your mileage and collect 500 points for each challenge completed. We already told you but we'll say it again, wear your gear and ride safe.

"Ride the wind" motorcycle routes are multi-day challenges adding up to around 1000 miles (1600 kms) and must be completed in 36 hours. These routes are ones you'll need to plan for. Remember to record and save your ride to register your mileage and collect 1,000 points for each challenge completed. Respect the road laws and keep wheelies to a minimum.

"Beautiful epic days" routes make it possible for you to criss cross provinces and see some epic riding. Gear up for around 2500 miles (4000 kms) of truly epic riding. Multi-day journeys required serious planning and dedication, but are packed with adventure. You have 5 days or 120 hours to complete these rides. Remember to record and save your ride to register your mileage and collect 2500 points for each route completed. Wear your gear and ride safe!

Epic Journeys , Bring them on!

5000 Mile - Eastern Canada Challenge

Tour all of the east coast, Gaspe and all the way across the north and into Winnipeg.  
What more can truly be said - it has a bit of absolutely everything to take in and more

5000 Mile - Western Canada Challenge

Okay so the east coast was not on your radar but chances are the Rockies just might be,  
so buckle up and prepare to make the journey covering all of Ontario and working your way across to Nelson BC, then book it back!

10000 Mile - Western Canada Challenge

Definitely the ultimate Drivers Challenge , grab on to your seat for this one. You will ride tip to tip , end to end across all of Canada - riding time estimated at 20 days or 175 Hours! Oh My The Cannonball Rides 2019 Ultimate Road Warrior Challenge Awaits!

British Columbia Cannonball Rides

250 miles

Crowsnest Highway Loop Top to Bottom
This is an incredible ride up and down Highway 33, 3 , 97 creating a loop from Vernon - Rock Creek - Penticton and back.
You'll see insane views and a chance to have a little Mexican Feast whilst on route 🙂

Nelson to Cranbrook and Back via Kootenay Bay Ferry
Here is a ride exploring the BC interior looping its way around the Kootenays and requires a ride via the Kootenay Ferry.
Plan your trip and time accordingly!

Boston Bar and Back Down and Around to Burnaby
This route is just a little 250 mile ride up into the Fraser Canyon along the river.
A great place to stop and hit up for lunch is Fat Jacks for their all day breakfast. Enjoy the ride!

500 Miles

Vancouver Island 500 - coming soon

Pavilion , Cache Creek, Loon Lake and Burnaby

1000 Miles

Vancouver Island 1000 - coming soon

Kamloops, Nelson, Kelowna, Penticton, Chilliwack, Burnaby

2500 Miles

Two Humps - 2 Province Challenge

Long and Lean - Covers Three Provinces

A whale of a ride - BC, AB, SK

Alberta Cannonball Rides

250 miles

Heart of Alberta with Breathtaking Views

Northeast Alberta

Southern Alberta Ice Cream Run

500 miles

Central Alberta Long and Lean

Stunning Ride To the Badlands

Gotta Keep Movin Buffalo Run

1000 miles

Twisty Windy Snarling Run Through the Pass to Catch a Ferry

Beaver Photo Opp: Prepare to Do Battle

2500 miles

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta - Ride the Rockies

Saskatchewan Cannonball Rides

250 miles

Southern Sask Quickie

Northern Sask with a Twist

500 miles

Scenery and a National Historic Site

1000 miles

Insane 2 Province Overnighter

Edge to Edge

Manitoba Cannonball Rides

250 miles

Smoking Gun

Around We Go

500 miles

Grip It and Rip It

1000 miles

Road Warrior Classic

2500 miles

Hardcore In Search of Love

Ontario Cannonball Rides

250 miles

Lake Nipissing Ripple

Nice Highway Cruise with a Dash of 124

Plevna Twisty

So Much to See, So Little Time

One of My Favorites

Wraparound Lake Simcoe and Kawartha

Absolute Blast Up and Around

Niagara, Dover , Simcoe, Stratford and Back

London, Stratford, Hamilton, Dover Loop

Wayfinding Ride

500 miles

London, Owen Sound, Barrie, Niagara Loop

Northern Core

Just a taste of Québec

1000 miles

Have you ever ridden 129, 101, and 144?

Hold Onto Your Handlebars

Tobermory Repeated

Part 1 Niagara to Tobermory

Part 2 Algonquin Park and Back

2500 miles

Absolute All of Ontario

Québec Cannonball Rides

No rides yet! 
J'ai rencontré un barrage routier au Québec. Je ne parle pas la langue J'ai contacté d'autres coureurs mais tout le monde est occupé - alors si vous souhaitez contribuer à la croissance du Québec, contactez-moi directement - utilisez le formulaire de contact - merci

New Brunswick Cannonball Rides

250 miles

Down to the Bay and Up to Foshay Lake

Cut Through the Middle and Back

500 miles

Three Bay Ride

1000 miles

Monster Ride if You Dare!

Prince Edward Island Cannonball Rides

The Only Option

Newfoundland Cannonball Rides

250 miles

Quick Little Run Down to the Tip

Incredible Scenic Ride

500 miles

Crazy Loop from Gander to Trepassey

The Best of the Island in One Easy Ride

1000 miles

No Rest for the Wicked

Nova Scotia Cannonball Rides

250 miles

Cut Through the Heart of NS - Great ride

500 miles

Tackle Half of NS in One Foul Swoop

Cape Breton to Sydney

1000 miles

Nasty little 2 day ride, you will see all of the east coast on this journey

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