Important: All drivers please register prior to starting at your chosen location from those listed below. You must stop at all locations listed under "Dealership Start and Checkpoints " per route chosen and collect their business card.  Google Maps limits my ability to have all locations shown within one google map from time to time. If there are no cards take a picture of yourself in front of door for verification. If you purchased a patch at time of registration it will be shipped to each starting location for pickup within 4-5 weeks after event -  Drive Safe - Have Fun - Enjoy

Please note: Rally Routes may change as new dealers come on board leading up to the event.  Each route may be altered and include these dealerships and performance shops. The Maps below represent the proposed planned routes. We will only offer the one 250 Mile Rally. It will be available in all provinces across Canada.   July 2 - 8 , 2018 Pick Your Day!

1) Anyone can do it
2) Open to all makes and models
3) Groups can partake - Miata club for example
4) Register ahead of time is appreciated
5) Open to complete anytime within July 2 - 8th - start at 9 am .

Registration can be done at any participating motorcycle or automobile locations.
New Brunswick Cannonball Ride 250 Miles
Detailed map - Click here
New Brunswick 250 MILE Cannonball Rally

Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:
New Brunswick Central Cannonball Rides 250 Miles +
Detailed Map - Click Here
New Brunswick Central 250 MILE Cannonball Rally 

Dealership Start and  Checkpoints:

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