Cannonball Rally ™ - Corvette Rally was born out of the passion I have for my own Corvette. I believe that others across this country who own an automobile such as this likely share the same passion.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many dealers across this country putting together a fantastic series of Motorcycle Rides - called Cannonball Rides. In the past 2 years this has grown from an idea to now a very serious set of rides having had just over 20,000 riders complete these rides.

This lead me to the belief that others who share the same passion for their cars must also be looking for that turn-key fun event not involving racing but more of a day or two or possibly more adventure.  Just as I have done with Cannonball Rides I welcome all clubs and associations to bring their members out and enjoy these rally's. I am not raising money nor am I looking too. This is just for the fun of it and the adventure and friendships it will bring.

I share the same passion for motorcycles as I do for my Corvette. Life is short, If you are like me and really enjoy the thought of taking on a road course which has been laid out for you, then please let others know . I am not looking to sell anyone anything here.  Please remember this is not a race.  No one wins when safety is not your first consideration.

I am looking for like minded individuals, dealers or performance shops that would like to enjoy an event about nothing more then just you , your corvette and the open road.

Sincerely,   David Purdy
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Pictured - David Horton and Myself with my Cannonballs Ride booth at the Toronto Motorcycle Supershow 2017

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