Welcome to Cannonball Rally ™

New for 2018
- Cannonball Rally Week!

Beginning July 2nd right through until July 8th - 2018 Drivers will have the option to complete as many rallies as they want! 

You will choose from a series of NEW RALLY routes all being 250 Miles!

Please remember the rallies are FREE - No entry fee to get in on the action :)

Corvette Rally.ca
Mopar Rally.ca
Classic Car Rally.ca
Camaro Rally.ca
Mustang Rally.ca
Pickup Rally.ca
BMW Car Rally.ca
Porsche Rally.ca
Yes: Open to all :)
Miata Rally.ca
Super Car Rally.ca

Cannonball Rally ™  - 250 Miles - 6.5hrs
This is just the beginning of something great!

Canada's Own Driving Rallies

Cannonball Rally ™  offers a series of rally journeys across every province within Canada. 2018 we will be offering a series of 250 mile rally routes. You will have 6.5 hours to complete. Our initial summer 2017 rally was within the province of Ontario.
These routes are very challenging. Proper planning for fuel, food, and rest plus maintaining a consistent speed were required to complete any of these routes.

Disclaimer: You are on your own, you decide when and where you start. You must finish where you started to complete the rally loop within the given time. We assume no liability whatsoever before, during or after the rally.

What you need to know.

These rally routes are designed to take you and your automobile / truck on some of the best roads each province and area has to offer. I use many of the same roads for my Cannonball Rides ™ - Motorcycle Rides. I will change out the routes every year providing a new collection of tried and proven routes. These are challenging roads and you will have the option to earn and purchase your own bragging rights series of patches specifically designed for these events. High Quality Certificates will also be available so you can proudly post the series of rides completed.

1) Anyone can do it
2) Open to all makes and models
3) Groups can partake - Miata club for example
4) Register ahead of time is appreciated
5) Open to complete anytime within July 2 - 8th - start at 9 am .

Registration can be done at any participating motorcycle or automobile locations.

Ladies and Gentleman - Prepare To Start Your Engines.

451 Fairbairn Road,
Bobcaygeon, Ontario, K0M 1A0

Cannonball Rally™

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